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Using an innovative integrative model that will enhance learning is critical to academic, social-emotional, and motor development – in other words, using an innovative model is necessary to helping YOUR child!  Education needs to focus on the whole child versus simply the results of standardized testing, which may skew the teacher’s perspective of the student’s ability.

So, welcome to Beacon Day School, a community formed by parents, educators, and other professionals, where -- through the innovative Beacon model and the respect and kindness shown to students by staff members -- students with autism and related disorders have the opportunity to gain skills and enjoy learning!

Staff members include nurses, psychologists, doctoral level behavior analysts, and people who really care!

Is Beacon Day School right for your student?

  • Does your child struggle with communicating their needs?
  • Does your child have trouble interacting with peers and adults?
  • Does your child experience difficulty adjusting to their surroundings?
  • Does your child feel challenged by the activities of daily living?
  • Does your child struggle with acquiring basic academic skills?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please consider scheduling a visit to Beacon Day School. But first, we invite you to browse our site and to contact us. The founder and CEO of Beacon Day School -- nurse, psychologist, and behavior analyst Dr. Mary Joann Lang -- is herself the parent of a special needs individual, and Dr. Lang will be happy to talk to you personally for any questions or concerns.


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