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Therapies – A balancing support

The autism spectrum disorder is characterized by the following diagnostic criteria:

  • Communication (Speech and Language)
  • Social Skills Deficits
  • Sensory and Motor Development (Occupational and Physical Therapy)

Therapeutic and educational interventions at BDS are designed to meet these areas of need:

Speech and Language
Speech Therapy is implemented in order to improve a variety of ways of communicating such as comprehension, sound production and use of language in social conversations.

Occupational and Physical Therapy
Occupational and Physical Therapy is provided to improve motor skills such as sitting, rolling, standing, writing, grabbing, and playing. There is also a focus on muscle strength and coordination.

Music Therapy is provided in order to promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, enhance memory, promote social interaction and express feelings

Art is provided to enhance the development of self-expression, fine motor skills, eye contact, attention span, perceptual motor skills, spatial relationships, and tactile/kinesthetic awareness.

Social Skills Therapy
Our program includes activities that develop the students' social skill set which in turn enhances the students' opportunities for real learning. A critical key is an environment providing lots of interaction with peers and an atmosphere that promotes understanding along the way.

Cooking is a therapy that enhances a multitude of opportunities for successful learning. Students practice many academic skills (reading, math) along with developing many elements of self-management and independence.





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