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Beacon Day School is dedicated to providing educational and therapeutic services to students with Autism Spectrum and related disorders. At Beacon Day School we believe that through educational care and behavioral support students are able to maximize their cognitive, social, emotional, as well as their physical abilities. Our community based philosophy means that we believe that the participation of parent, family, and community are essential to enhancing the quality of life for the student so that they may be a productive member of the community.

Beacon Day School is built on a foundation integrating a variety therapeutic services that will enhance the students opportunities to learn by using:

  • Best practices related to education
  • Intensive one on one and small group instruction
  • Evidence--based and research based practices related to therapeutic and educational care
  • Individual case management and family support
  • Community based instruction
  • Collaboration with the community to facilitate access and opportunity
  • Positive behavior supports (applied behavior analysis)
  • Enhanced social interaction

Additionally, Beacon Day School relies on the professional wisdom of our highly experienced staff with the best available empirical evidence available to make the best decision about the delivery of instruction.

Quality School

Beacon Day School was founded having recognized the need for a quality educational program for students with autism and related disorders. In order to create a positive learning environment, Beacon Day School has been committed to the competency-based training and supervision of its faculty and staff. This training is initiated early in the tenure of each teacher and behavior interventionist. It is a lengthy process, however, it provides for quality educational care. Staff members are thoroughly screened in order to assure their commitment to the educational process. Consistent application of the educational, therapeutic and behavioral programs across classroom, home and community environments is the foundation of Beacon Day School.

Collaboration is a key element to success at Beacon Day School. Teamwork and a proactive effort facilitate a student-focused, individualized educational program. This process increases positive conflict resolution outcomes.

Beacon Day School's organizational structure is based upon:

  • A consistent approach
  • Initial and continuous in-service training that is competency based
  • Every faculty and staff member’s commitment to Beacon Day School philosophy
  • Family and community involvement
  • Teamwork
  • Periodic organizational review that enhances productivity and success

Quality Classrooms

At Beacon Day School, we have built our classrooms on a foundation of applied behavior analysis. Components of a good classroom include:
  • Consistency in a  classroom-wide behavioral program
  • Consistency in the student-specific program
  • Consistent use of positive behavioral supports
  • Classroom organization
  • Log books and data collection that chart a student’s educational and behavioral progress
  • Age appropriate educational and environmental materials

Quality Teachers

Beacon Day School employs effective educators.  Our teachers are change-agents because they have an openness to explore and suggest changes that enhance learning in the classrooms and for the individual student. 
  • Extremely systematic and well organized
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Remain objective
  • Sensitive and compassionate to the student and family
  • Positive and professional attitude
  • Team player

The faculty and staff are the heart and soul of BDS.  Our families admire and appreciate the faculty and staff for their knowledge and commitment to the students.  They contribute to the quality of the lives of the students and their families.



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